We will be there for our 50th!

Faculty Mr. and Mrs. Jay Welch
Ray Alsobrook and Susanne Holliman Alsobrook (both 63 graduates)
Gary and Barbara Armstrong
Karen Bagwell Plunkett and Bill Plunkett
Dan Batson and Eula Batson
Leanora Bishop Rosier
Jerry Bobo
Ann Berger Brannen and Jerry Brannen
Betty Breaker Marcontell and Ed Marcontell
Bill and Donna Butera
Cheryl Bryan Lamb
Leon Buenger and Penny Buenger
Betty Burns Blankenship and Anita Gay Weldon (daughter)
Susan Cantwell
Peggy Irene Connell Hardin
Sandra Cook Bell and Steve Bell
Beryl Craig Vallejo and Jose Luis Vallejo
Jim Croft
Lanny Darby
Milton Fried
Don and Judy Geissen
Jesse Gomez and Isabel Gomez
Regina Hart Estes
Donald Haverkamp and Wilda Lavender Haverkamp (both '63 graduates)
Marilee Jensen Heydt
Dale Hoover and Susanne High Hoover (both '63 graduates)
Sandra Johnson Johnston and Jim Johnston
Gary Kappes
Lester Karns
Larry Madeksho
Linda Kneeland Mosley
Lana Lary Davis and John Davis
John and Gaby Lawhorn
Sam Lowe Korenek and Don Korenek
Bill Marsh and Dan Robinson
Sharon Martin Davis and Suzanne Martin (sister)
Sue Meador Wienecke and Keith Wienecke
Carol Morgan Murski and Ed Murski
Wanda Morse Tolbert
Karen Myers Weiner
Scott Myers and Becky Myers
Dona Jean Necessary Sandel
Otis Nixon and Sandi Nixon
Bonnie Oliphant
Eileen Pace Cordray and Darryl Cordray
Sandra Pool Knight and Tom Broome
Joe Frank Rabago
Susan Reid Brown and Patrick Brown
Tom and Cathy Reid
Billie Readhimer Robertson and Jerry M. Robertson
Jean Rogers Dupre
Dan Salisbury
Frank Sarro and Georgia Sarro
Robert Sawyer and Charlene Ford Sawyer (both 63 graduates)
Ralf Schmidt
Jessie Shirley West and Frank West
Linda Midge Smalley Levis
James Arthur Smith and Danna Smith
Mike Smith and Pam Smith
Betty Ruth Sparks Hodgett
Sandra Stancil Kennedy and Brianna Kennedy (granddaughter)
Linda Sue Sterling Stutts
Loretta Ann Stewart Brocato and Sylvester Brocato
Joel Swanson
Judy Tally Greffe
John Turnbow and Dixie Turnbow
William Wesson and Ann Wesson
Jean Ann Whitworth Hunt
Buddy and Melinda Williams
Nancy Winkler Vasut and Edward Vasut
Patsy Wurz Willey