Class of '63

It's been some time since I've visited there,
But the memories are still quite clear.
And it seems to be, well at least to me;
'63 was a pretty good year!

If you close your eyes and drift back a bit,
It won't take you long to go
To a younger day and the music we played,
Just 45 years ago.

The Beatles band with "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
And Elvis sang "The Devil in Disguise".
We also remember, "Return to Sender"
And Brenda Lee's "All Alone Am I".

"Up on the Roof" and "Fools Rush In"
And the Chiffons sang "One Fine Day";
"The Little Deuce Coupe" and "Be True to Your School"
…Two songs the Beach Boys did play.

"It's My Party" and Be My Baby"
And Bobby V's "Blue on Blue";
And Skeeter Davis's pearl… "The End of the World"
Were our songs, to name a few.

"Trojans" was our name and sports were the games
We enjoyed throughout the year.
"Pig Skin" in the fall, track and hardball and shooting "Hoops"
…The games we did cheer.

For "Hoops" Coach Graeber taught the game
…Myer and Barber teamed up on track.
But in the fall of the year,
Coach Morgan taught fear…."Kick Butt" and that's a fact!

But when spring rolled around,
Coach Caulk could be found, upon his Field of Dreams.
Teaching hardball and hustle
And flexing his muscle trying to make his Trojans a Team!

It wasn't low Cal at "Vicki's" or the "Corral",
But the food was hard to beat!
It was hamburgers and fries going straight to our thighs
And then a malt at ole "Tom's Treat".

Graduation we rejoiced and we all made a choice
Toward the paths our lives have laid;
We've had smiles and frowns, ups and downs
…Our success are the friends we made.

So looking out at this crowd, I'm thinking out loud
"What the memories have meant to me".
And the times that we had…some good, some bad
At South Houston High…'63!
For the 45th Reunion - By Jim Croft - 08/02/2008