Remember When - Class of  '63

Remember when we walked in the school and,
As a group, were both thrilled and scared
Not knowing about our future relationships
Or the memories that would be shared

Remember when we had to wear beanies
And suffer the upper class men's scorn
And we were looking forward to the day
When the 'beanie" would never again be worn

Remember when the sophomore year was over
And we became the core of the school
We immediately began looking forward
When we as "Seniors" would rule

Remember when our principals and teachers
Seemed to be old and "very tall"
Some of them became our heroes
As a teacher, I now admire them all

Remember when Baker taught us history
And Myers lead the choir in song
George Morton was a first year principal
Fisher paddled us when we were wrong

Remember when we actually had a dress code
And the guys even had to wear belts
Corporal punishment was applied to rule breakers
And parents didn't care if it left welts

Remember when Rodney Hanks led the student body
And George Porter could run like the wind
Linda Fisher led cheers at the pep rally
And David Lawhorn could snag a pigskin

Remember when Wesson was called "Willie"
And the distinctive laugh of a Tom Reid
Caryl Matthews reigned as our Miss South Houston
And Judy Talley was most likely to succeed

Remember when small things seemed so important
And our lives would daily change
But we were so young and resilient
We could just adapt and rearrange

Remember when thoughts about our future
Were more important than our past
And how amazing it was to all
When our future got here so fast

Remember when the day of our graduation
Was a little exciting and a little sad
We were all so very thankful
For all the great memories that we had

And now we are here 45 years later
Sharing what we've done and where we went
Telling stories about our grandchildren
About our travels and money we spent

We light candles in memoriam of classmates
And share stories of how they touched our lives
Our hearts will mourn their leaving
Our prayers are for family that survive

If I don't make it back next time
When we celebrate our 50 years
I hope you will light a candle for me
And that you will not shed a tear

I believe we will always be classmates
And I know I'll see all of you again
And no matter the time or place
We can visit and REMEMBER WHEN
Dedicated to the Class of '63 - Mike Smith - 08/02/2008